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As a driver, you know how valuable your vehicle is to your everyday life. You understand that if you encounter a problem, the results might prove costly. You therefore want to do all that you can to protect both your car and yourself. With car insurance, you’ll take a big step towards better security.

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Do I Need Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is almost always mandatory for all drivers. The reason you need coverage is simple:

Coverage protects you and others in case of vehicle mishaps. It provides financial help for the damage you might sustain. Therefore, it’s critical to your own solvency.

Yet, car insurance isn’t just a critical asset. It is also the law. Most states, including Texas, require almost all drivers to carry minimum levels of coverage to legally drive. Therefore, don’t hesitate when planning to get car insurance. Instead, work with one of our agents to determine what policy is best for you.

What Coverage do I Need?

The car insurance industry is a myriad of different coverage options. It’s that way because every driver will need a unique policy. Some of the coverage yours might contain includes:

  • Liability auto coverage
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Medical payments insurance
  • Uninsured/under-insured coverage
  • Mexico Coverage for all of Mexico.
  • Roadside assistance coverage, rental car coverage and glass insurance

What is Liability Insurance?

Coverage insures you against the damage you cause others. For example, if you hit another car, and the accident was your fault, the other driver could use your coverage to pay for their own damage.

Liability insurance is among the most common coverage required by states. Texas requires:

  • $30,000 bodily injury coverage per injured person
  • $60,000 bodily injury coverage total per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability coverage

Keep in mind, most people need more than these minimum levels of coverage. You can often buy limits providing well over $100,000 in protection.

What are Collision and Comprehensive Coverage?

On your policy, you can also get coverage for your own vehicle damage.

  • Collision coverage helps you pay to repair damage to your vehicle after a wreck.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers damage caused by non-accident hazards, like weather or theft.

A key to establishing enough coverage is to protect the value of your vehicle. You’ll be able to get coverage for most repairs and body work. Our agents can also help you determine whether you want to cover a car’s full replacement value or the actual cash value in case you total the car.

Do I need Medical Payments Insurance?

If you get hurt in a car accident, your injuries might prove costly. Medical payments coverage might help supplement the medical bills of you and your passengers, even if involved parties have health insurance.

What’s Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage?

If another driver is at-fault in an accident, you might be able to make a damage claim on their liability insurance. However, the problem is that many drivers don’t carry adequate liability insurance for the losses of others. Some don’t even carry it at all.

If you encounter a problem like this, having uninsured/underinsured protection on your policy might prove beneficial. It can help you repair damage without penalizing you for fault in the wreck.

How Will My Coverage Impact My Rates?

The team at Quantum Alliance Insurance understands that you want the best coverage, but also that you want to keep it affordable. We’re here to help you reach that goal. We can help you examine multiple factors that can keep rate increases moderate and reasonable.

  • We can help you adjust your deductible. Raising your collision and comprehensive deductibles might raise your personal responsibility for damage. However, higher deductibles might reduce your rates.
  • As an independent insurance agency, we can compare the policies offered by multiple insurers in your area. Therefore, we’ll pinpoint the one with the most affordable prices.
  • Most insurance policies can include discounts for factors like good credit, no previous claims and safe driving. We’ll look at all your qualifications to help you increase savings.

So, regardless of whether you need new coverage, or just want a policy review, give us a call at 855-935-1233. We’re at your service whenever you need us!

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