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When a business needs to insure its fleet, it will have to keep the employment status of their drivers in mind. It will also need to think about the type of coverage every car it uses will need. As an insurance agent, it's your job to guide business owners or managers through the selection process. READ MORE >>

When someone buys a home, they want to protect it from any number of harmful phenomena. Common among these is likely weather damage. While home insurance often covers many types of weather damage, it often excludes flood coverage. Yet, many consumers want to insure their homes against floods. READ MORE >>

Being a business owner is great. Working out of your home is even better. But how can you make the most of it and ensure that your venture is a success? Here are five tips to help you get started: 1. Set A Start-Up Budget. It doesn't matter if you're bootstrapping your insurance agency or taking out a loan to finance it. READ MORE >>

Operating business vehicles might mean using a single company car. Or, it might mean using a fleet. These vehicles will have drivers, all whom both present and face risks behind the wheel. It's up to the business owner to make sure that all drivers have appropriate coverage under commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

When you are young, you are probably on a budget. Yet, if you are a driver, you must factor your auto insurance premiums into your costs. Your premium will be a regular cost. However, you'll also face residual costs within your policy, such as deductibles. READ MORE >>

Texas has miles of open roads, alongside some of the highest speed limits in America. The Lone Star State is also known for its urban traffic congestion. So, wherever you go, driving risks might increase. If you are riding your motorcycle, you'll want to take even more precautions. READ MORE >>

If you own a farm or ranch, chances are you have quite a few outbuildings on your property. Those buildings hold value themselves, and they hold valuable property. Should they face security threats, you could stand to lose money. What can you do, as a property owner, to protect outbuildings from barns to storage sheds? READ MORE >>

Your parents are getting older. You worry they may not be as skilled behind the wheel like they used to be. In situations like this, many people want to know what to do. And, how do you know when your senior loved one is no longer safe behind the wheel? Your auto insurance provider needs to know this information as well. READ MORE >>

Every year, plan a meeting with your business insurance agent. Discuss the types of risks your company faces, their changes, and any claims. Then, upgrade your liability insurance. Though not always necessary, an annual review is critical to know what your risks are. READ MORE >>

Car insurance can get expensive, particularly in a large risk pool like Texas. Every cost-conscious driver, therefore, wants to keep their overall premium price manageable. One of the most common ways to do so is to see if you can get any discounts on your policy. Discounts are often easy ways to knock a chunk of cost off your premium. READ MORE >>

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