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Mexico Coverage

Mexico Coverage Information

Insurance agents that serve international drivers need to have Mexican auto insurance policies on file. Coverage is a must-have for every American resident traveling south of the border.

Quantum Alliance offers one-of-a-kind coverage options for client-focused agents. We can make sure your policy offerings include diverse coverage options that can cover everyone from annual road-trippers to border residents who cross between the countries frequently.

Do Drivers Need Car Insurance For Mexico?

Mexican law includes a number of regulations about car insurance:

  • All drivers, foreign drivers included, must have car insurance to drive within the country.
  • American policies are not valid in Mexico because of differences in insurance laws.

Americans driving into the country must buy Mexican car insurance. It's generally a lot easier for drivers to buy coverage ahead of time than to wait until they get to the border to buy a policy. Quantum Alliance's policy options make it easy for agents to provide conveniently-designed policies for all clients.

What Policy Options Are Available?

Quantum Alliance offers two types of policies — Chubb and Qualitas.

  • Chubb: This is coverage for Mexican tourists. Drivers can tailor it to their preferences, and they only have to keep the coverage active as long as they are in Mexico. Once they return to the United States, they can terminate their policies.
  • Qualitas: This is a first-of-its kind policy that is essentially border-less. It remains active both in Texas and in Mexico. Drivers will have only one policy that is active in both countries, and can serve as your policy in both. It's a great option for drivers who cross the border frequently.

All policies include the coverage required of drivers in Mexico, though you can increase these limits to your satisfaction.

What Does Car Insurance Cover In Mexico?

Both Chubb and Qualitas policies offer a lot of the same coverage as American car insurance, such as:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: This covers a car in the event it sustains damage. Coverage might pay for wreck damage, along with damage caused by fire or hail.
  • Theft Insurance: Coverage helps insured drivers recover, fix or replace their cars after a theft.
  • Liability Insurance: If an insured driver is at-fault for a wreck, then this coverage can pay for the property damage or bodily injuries of those who weren't passengers in the insured vehicle. So, if you hit another driver, and the accident is deemed your fault, this coverage can pay for that person's injury costs and their property damage.

Policies can also contain coverage specific to Mexican travelers, such as:

  • Legal Assistance: If the Mexican authorities detain you following an accident, this coverage can help you pay for bail, a lawyer or similar fees.
  • Travel Expense Coverage: This coverage will pay for you to return home to the U.S. after a wreck. It might cover hotels, flights, rental cars, meals and related costs.
  • U.S. Vehicle Repairs: Though a wreck might occur in Mexico, policies can be adjusted to allow drivers to make repairs back home in the U.S.

How Much Does Mexican Car Insurance Cost?

Mexican car insurance premiums are competitively priced with each other, and within the U.S. market. If clients buy a policy only for a certain number of days, then the duration of a client's stay can impact how much they have to pay, as well. There are numerous risk factors that Mexican insurers will examine to determine the driver's rates.

Let Quantum Alliance help you build your Mexican auto insurance portfolio to include policies that you can successfully and professionally market to your clients. With our help, you'll always be able to offer your target audience the most-essential policy benefits for their needs. Call us at (855) 935-1233 or contact us online.

Quantum Alliance offers the first Border-Less Personal Auto Policy in the country.

This policy is sold exclusively through our Independent Agent Partners.


U.S. auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico, only policies from a Mexican insurance company are.  Quantum has formed a strategic alliance with one of the largest auto carriers in Mexico.

Quantum’s Border-Less personal auto policy is a specialized Texas Auto Policy with geographical coverages throughout Texas and Mexico. The Quantum Border-Less policy is your “proof of financial responsibility” and is recognized under Mexican law.

Quantum offers coverage to personal vehicles that are domiciled in Texas that cross the border into Mexico. There are no limits on how many times you may cross the border or how far you can travel into Mexico. The Mexico Endorsement must be added to the policy for the Coverage to apply.






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