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Homeowners/Farm & Ranch/Mobile Home

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Homeowners/Farm & Ranch/Mobile Home Information

Texas Homeowners, Farm & Ranch Insurance

As a homeowners insurance provider, it is your duty to ensure your clients get the appropriate policy for their own property. Property ownership risks are numerous and very specific, so your policy offerings must effectively reach your clients' unique needs.

Quantum Alliance offers a diverse selection of top-rated homeowners, farm and ranch insurance packages that can suit the needs of any North Texas resident. We're ready to help you build your agency portfolio to create a successful sales platform.

Why Homeowners Insurance?

Anyone who buys property makes a significant investment in the land, structures and possessions within. The right homeowners insurance will help policyholders protect the value reflected in their homes. It will ensure the insured party can afford the costs of damage that might result from any number of damaging household incidents.

Who Needs Homeowners Insurance?

Always tell your clients that homeowners insurance usually is not optional. Most lenders require buyers to get coverage. Those with home businesses might also have commercial coverage rules.

A home is a home, no matter how big or small. Anyone can benefit from homeowners policies, regardless of requirements. We can tailor policy packages for:

  • Residential homeowners
  • Rural landowners
  • Farm and ranch owners and residents
  • Mobile and modular home residents
  • Condo owners

Homeowners Coverage

Your homeowners insurance offerings should usually include a diversity of protection, including:

  • Dwelling/Structure Coverage: Coverage might finance the repairs or rebuilding of the home following unexpected accidents like fires, weather damage, theft, vandalism and more.
  • Detached Structure Cverage: This is additional structure insurance for buildings like detached garages or storage sheds on the insured's property. Coverage will usually provide limits that are a percentage of the total structure policy limits.
  • Possessions Insurance: Though sometimes optional for buyers, you should encourage clients to buy this coverage. It insures personal assets like furniture, clothing, electronics and more.
  • Scheduled Items Coverage: Standard possessions policies might not extend adequate protection to unique or expensive items, like jewelry or art. Policyholders can often schedule these items on their policies to ensure they receive direct, targeted coverage limits.
  • Liability Insurance: Property owners could cause bodily injuries or property damage to third parties, such as neighbors, houseguests or strangers. The affected party might hold the policyholder responsible for their personal losses. This coverage can pay that party for their losses. It can also help the insured cover their legal expenses in case of lawsuits.
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: If a large liability claim exceeds the limits of standard homeowners liability insurance, this coverage can help with the remaining costs. It might also cover perils, hazards or damage scenarios excluded from a standard liability policy.
  • Third-Party Medical Payments Supplements: If a visitor gets hurt in the insured's home, this coverage can help cover their medical costs. Unlike with liability insurance, the injured party doesn't have to prove the insured was liable for their losses in order to make a claim.
  • Expenses Coverage: Damage might make a home uninhabitable until the occupant can repair it. This coverage can help their pay hotel, dining and other bills if they must temporarily move out.

Farm And Ranch Insurance Options

Farm and ranch insurance packages need to address both the personal and commercial uses of a policyholder's land. Most owners start with a few critical commercial policies, such as general liability, property or business interruption coverage. They might also need more-specific coverage, such as:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance: With coverage, business owners can provide employees with supplementary income and medical bill support should they get injured on the job.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Those who drive as a regular part of their business duties need this coverage instead of a standard car insurance policy.
  • Crop Insurance: Coverage will carefully measure the value attached to these products to ensure producers receive appropriate reimbursement from a claim.
  • Livestock Insurance: Policies can protect the farmer for lost value in case of the loss or accidental death of animals.
  • Equipment Insurance: This coverage can pay for repairs to damaged machinery and vehicles.

Mobile Home Insurance

Like any anchored home, mobile homes need insurance. A policy can contain many of the familiar elements of a homeowners policy like structure, liability and expenses coverage. However, they can also contain specialized coverage like trip collision coverage. With trip collision insurance, homes will have coverage during times when they are moved by road to a new location.

Policies Offer Cost-Value Benefits

All of Quantum Alliance's homeowners and farm insurance packages will include fair, balanced and adaptable pricing parameters that can help you tailor savings and benefits to your clients' advantages. So, if you are ready to review your agency's homeowners insurance portfolio, give us a call at (855) 935-1233. We're at your service when you need us!

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