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Quantum Alliance Blog: car insurance

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Some drivers know they should have insurance, but they're not sure how much insurance they need or why they need it. The process of purchasing insurance is a hassle in itself. And you want to make sure your clients know what they're getting into and how their coverage works to avoid misunderstandings in the future. READ MORE >>

As you're probably aware, selling insurance to young people is difficult. They’re often on a tight budget and are thus careful with their money. Essentially every driver in the United States needs auto insurance, however, so knowing how to sell auto insurance to a younger audience is a must. READ MORE >>

Most car insurance shoppers are cost-conscious. When they turn to your agency for assistance, it's up to you to provide them with satisfactory results. A careful attention to detail will help you maximize clients' ability to save by adjusting the terms of their policies accordingly. READ MORE >>

Drivers can get their licenses at age 16 in most states. That means learning to drive is probably one of the first big steps a young person will take on the road to independence. However, just because they are able to drive independently, that doesn't mean teenagers have their financial freedom. READ MORE >>

Texas law is clear: Drivers have to carry car insurance. However, while there are minimum coverage requirements, there is no restriction on a driver carrying extra coverage. So, as an insurance agent, you have an obligation that the driver meets all their coverage requirements. READ MORE >>

You probably know that when one of your car insurance clients calls you, they often want to talk to you about pricing. Consumers generally want to save as much as possible on their premium. As their agent, you want to do everything you can to help them do so. READ MORE >>

One day, an auto insurance policyholder might call your agency, asking how they can save more money on their policy. As an agent, it is not uncommon for you to receive these questions. How can you react, and what can you do to help them? You have the opportunity to help your clients save money on their car insurance. READ MORE >>

A car wreck is often a large, costly inconvenience — even for those with insurance. However, even the smallest vehicle problems could mean time and money lost. No one wants to experience even a flat tire, for example. But, you likely know that car insurance can help even for the small problems a vehicle might experience. READ MORE >>

Most of us want to save money on our auto insurance premiums. We expect our insurance agent to help us do it. So, if it is your job to sell policies, then you've probably gotten questions about savings from your prospective clients. One of the first things you should tell them to check out is policy discounts. READ MORE >>

You want your car insurance agency to make money. That means you won't want policies to go unsold. Thus, you'll have to determine which policies you should offer. Supply and demand are the rules of economics, after all. There are countless insurance options out there for drivers. READ MORE >>

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